Friday, October 31, 2014

Nature box

If you’re looking for a customizable snack subscription that’s also a good value, I highly recommend Nature Box. They only use natural ingredients. The boxes cost $20 and contain 5 different full sized snacks. I received one 4oz bag of cashew crumble - cookie coated cashews, one 1oz bag of coconut cashews, one 1oz bag cinnamon swirl kettle kernals, one 1oz bag of garden tomato crunchies. And one 1oz bag of sunflower seed and sesame crackers.

I think my favorite was the cashew crumble but I also like the sesame crackers. I wish I had been able to pick what came in my first box but every box you get after you'll be able to customize.  You can choose what subscription type you want and how often you want it mailed to you.
  Serving size is about a 1/4 cup with 100 calories per serving. 
Get yours here and enjoy!

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